Whereas pollution of the air, water and land of this state will imperil public health and welfare, create public or private nuisances, be harmful to wildlife, fish and aquatic life, and impair domestic, agricultural, industrial, recreational and other beneficial uses; it is hereby declared to be the policy and purpose of this act to enable the state to prevent, reduce and eliminate pollution; to preserve, and enhance the air, water and reclaim the land of Wyoming; to plan the development, use, reclamation, preservation and enhancement of the air, land and water resources of the state; to preserve and exercise the primary responsibilities and rights of the state of Wyoming; to retain for the state the control over its air, land and water and to secure cooperation between agencies of the state, agencies of other states, interstate agencies, and the federal government in carrying out these objectives.   Wyo.Rev.Stat.  35-11-102


The Environmental Quality Council was created in 1973 when the Wyoming Environmental Quality Act (the Act) became law. §§35-11-101, et seq. 1997, as amended. Although the Act has always provided that the EQC is an independent entity, the legislature formally declared the EQC to be a separate operating agency in 1992 when all state agencies concerned with natural resources were reorganized.

The Governor appoints the seven members of the Environmental Quality Council, and the Senate confirms the appointments. The EQC members are not full time employees but are reimbursed and paid in the same manner as members of the legislature. The EQC members and the two person staff form a separate operating agency.


*The Environmental Quality Council may convene a meeting after the close of any hearing in order to deliberate and make a decision on that hearing.